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National Truck & Trailer Breakdown Directory

All Truck Service Experts are listed in the NTTS Breakdown Directory, which means their location will be listed in Truck Specific Garmin products as well. The NTTS Breakdown Directory is the most comprehensive guide to semi-truck repair facilities nationwide, with exposure to over 25,OOO targeted buyers in need of service on a daily basis.

FleetNet America

All Truck Service Experts are listed with FleetNet America. FleetNet America is changing the direction of fleet maintenance by coordinating emergency roadside service and maintenance management service for commercial equipment.

Nationally Known, Locally Owned

Along with the great services listed above, all Truck Service Experts can be found on our website under, "Find Us." By entering a city and state or postal code, anyone looking for service can find the nearest Truck Service Expert. HDA Truck Pride also offers a toll-free locator service. This service is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with live operators to assist the more traditional customers in finding a service provider.

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