How Often Should Semi-Trucks Get Maintenance Performed?

July 4, 2023

Fleet Maintenance Timeframes

Your fleet of trucks is vital to your business. They allow you to keep your business running and your customers happy. Without them, you would either be paying much more in transportation costs or be out of business. At the end of the day, they are also complex pieces of machinery that are made up of metal parts. These parts are constantly being worn down by usage and will require repairs occasionally. You want to minimize breakdowns on the job to maximize your profits and productivity. Unfortunately, we cannot control them, but we can do our best to minimize them through regular preventative maintenance.

Now, you are probably asking, “How often should I perform fleet maintenance?”. This is a valid question and an important one. Every vehicle in your fleet should get basic service performed every 10,000 miles. This should include lube and oil changes, oil, air, and fuel filter replacement, brake inspection, check of tire pressure, and lighting & electrical inspection. Every 30,000 miles, each truck should go through a thorough inspection and service. This should include any minor repairs needed and the same things included in the 10,000 miles maintenance.

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At Cain’s Truck Service Inc, we provide professional fleet maintenance services to the Fayetteville, NC area. Your fleet needs regular maintenance work to prevent costly breakdowns and repairs. It is important to stick to a maintenance schedule to ensure that all work is done in a timely manner. Routine maintenance includes oil changes, air, oil, and fuel filter replacements, and brake replacements. However, it can be difficult to do all the maintenance on your own without having a crew of mechanics on staff. Thankfully, our fleet truck repair services can take care of it all for you. Contact us today to schedule your fleet maintenance!

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